The last and final phase of Ereto-NPP, ending in June 3009, focussed on phasing out activities in the most sustainable manner. A cornerstone of the process adopted was to support the empowerment of communities to sustain interventions funded under Ereto NPP, and to create opportunities for communities to take further action on their own development. To this end, Ereto facilitated the formation of twelve Community Based Organisations (CBOs) at the local (ward) level in the areas where Ereto has been working. These CBOs contribute to empowerment of the local communities and are seen as fundamental for the sustainability of investments made under Ereto. Local people see the CBOs as providing them with not only a tool for local level development of important services, but also as providing the community with the opportunity to challenge abuse of their rights and to hold other development actors (such as government) to account. The CBOs have decided to create a forum made up of representatives from all 12 CBOs, in order to strengthen their position in the district and to create a common position on issues as the need arises. The process of facilitating the CBO formation has provided important lessons in relation to sustainability and people empowerment, which are presented in the document.