The three day workshop bought together pastoralist civil society actors, key government ministries and media, to analyse the recent and ongoing policy reforms from the pastoralist perspective, and to identify what should be done to challenge the existing polices and influence new polices to support pastoralism. Generally the direction and intention of polices was seen to have dangerous implications for pastoralist and agro-pastoralist livelihoods if and when implemented. Key areas of concern are the undermining of pastoralist land rights. Civil society needs to develop a concerted effort to challenge existing detrimental policies and laws and influence policy development, so as to protect pastoralist interests and livelihoods. The coordination of advocacy effort should take place at a different level from that of existing CSOs. The coordinating mechanism should not be an organisation in its own right, but a facility for discussion, analysis and advocacy planning. A task force was envisaged; PINGOs would lead in establishing the task force.